Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wooly Wednesday

I love this new blog Spinspiration, she hosts this wonderful day to gather spinners together to share what on their wheels:)
I am still working, SLOWLY on this HUGE amount of purple  wool.  Partly the reason for the delay is I have been teaching my children to spin using this wool and my large country spinner by Ashford.   Teaching children to spin is daunting, but very wonderfully encouraging to see their excitement for a lost art.


Kelly said...

I really hear you on teaching children to spin. It is daunting yet so very rewarding and worthwhile. My children also love trying their hand at spinning. I am teaching my 8 year old on the wheel. He is quite good with a drop spindle and getting the hang of the wheel. The others are still a bit too young to manage but love helping turn the wheel or helping card wool. The purple wool looks great!

Spinspiration said...

What a wonderful project to be sharing with children. Thank you for linking on Woolly Wednesday's At Spinspiration!

Dawn said...

Hello Molly, great to see you linking over on Spinspiration, pleased you are enjoying it.

My daughter loves learning to spin with me and is getting pretty good, but at 5 finds the tradle a little difficult to do as well as the drafting ... but she'll be a pro one day soon. She already talks about having her own wheel (I do now have 2, so we can share!).

Loving the purple, and a nice wheel to spin on. My Louet has huge bobbins - a little like your country spinner's bobbins.

Love that you are sharing a wonderful art with your children x