Friday, May 20, 2011

chicken tractors and spring days

we have been swamped with the busy day to day life of spring planting, keeping new bee hives fed and chickens happily munching on fresh grass.  Grass fed animals are the goal and finding ways to make this more reasonable seems to be a constant challenge.  We have chicken tractors made of wood that are great for keeping the girls in, but terribly difficult to move by oneself, leaving the girls too long in one spot quickly destroys large spots of grass.  I am tickled to death with the ingenious idea of tractors made of PVC pipes, that one can literally move with one hand.  Tomorrow we are going to try these out on the rabbits, if it works we can easily place these over the raised eds in the winter, put a hoop house over them and have our beds cleaned up and fertilized for next summer.  It is a forever process of learning and trying new ideas; a grand life.

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