Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bees are coming

after many years of longing to raise our own honey bees, we have finally taken the plunge and ordered our first hives.  I am so proud that our oldest daughter has developed into a real farmer mentality and she is the one who is taking on this endeavor.  She went to a bee keeping course at our local county extension office, she researched and spoke with bee keepers and now, at age 14, she is our familys bee expert.   I see this development in her a direct result of unschooling and allowing our children to grow into their own interest.  She is truly an autodidact.
This is where we ordered from, we have heard from other locals that they are a good company, knowledgeable and very willing to help the new bee keepers, like us!
The book pictured above, I have found to be very user friendly and clear, something that this mama desperately needs.  If you are interested in bee keeping for this year or in the future, I recommend checking it out. 


Rebecca said...

So jealous! I want bees! :) I have a friend who keeps them and she's been kind enough to answer my questions. Have fun with them!

Katie said...

Sounds like lots of fun!!

petruccelli said...

The kids are the future Molly. Unschooling is very educational:)
Good luck to you all.

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


I soooooo want to do this too! Way to go MF!

Marianne Elizabeth said...

Our sons are beekeepers! Our 17 year old has a passion for it. They have been doing it for 6 years. His favorite book is The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture by Root Publications. We love eating the honey raw! He will love hearing that there is another young beekeeper out there. It's very unusual you know. He has a nice elderly gentleman that he has been able to give him good advice especially when our bees swarmed one summer!

Love the blog!

rox said...

Oh Molly this is Bob's dream too bees & sheep ;-)
I will really look forward to any posts you do on this topic as it will really help in the learning journey too.
Molly if you do goats for milk I would so very much love a visual tutorial !
Molly you are such a blessing to me
Thanks so much & Thank You God for Molly ☺
lol I'm pumped up from mass ;-)

molly said...

Yes Roz we do have milk goats, well one! We much prefer our milk cow for the amount of work and money! But I do love my goats. we haev an Alpine and an angora that I shear and spin!