Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrift store finds

I adore thrifting, finding treasure just waiting to bless my heart and home.  This week the local Goodwill was a gold mine of goodness. First, this fabulous old Royal typewriter was acquired for 1.00!  I could scarcely believe my good fortune.  Then for another mere dollar the perfect new egg collecting basket, I love how it perfectly holds our eggs we collect from our white leghorns.  Now to find the brown eggs from our Buff Orpingtons.  Egg collecting here is like Easter morning everyday, as we allow our hens to free range and they insist on making us seek out  their eggs.  seems daily they like play hide and seek with us.....hmmmm maybe a chicken coop does have its merits!


no spring chicken said...

One dollar? You've got to be kidding me! Very well done!

MicheleQ said...

That typewriter is an incredible find and the price is unbelievable! Love the basket too. I am always a sucker for a good basket.